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Energy Saving Tip from Always Affordable Electric

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Did you know that laptop and cellphone chargers draw power even if they aren't plugged into a device? That's right - electrical devices that have a standby mode are essentially always in use. This is because they need a steady power stream to operate quickly and efficiently. To save power, it is a good idea to always unplug devices that are not in use, including your chargers! Continuing reading to learn more about this important energy saving tip!

The Silent Sippers: Unplug the Phantom Drain with Always Affordable Electric!

Ever unplug your phone, only to notice the familiar warmth radiating from its brick-like companion? It's not just your imagination – that seemingly inert charger is quietly guzzling electricity, even when your phone is happily off the hook. This, my friends, is the insidious phenomenon of phantom drain, and its tendrils reach far beyond phone chargers into the land of laptops, tablets, and more.

Think of it as a leaky faucet in your energy pipeline. It might be just a trickle, but over time, those tiny drips add up to a significant waste. Modern devices, in their quest for instant responsiveness, often operate in a low-power "standby" mode, waiting for your touch. But this constant readiness comes at a cost – a constant siphoning of electricity, even when you're not using them.

The culprit? Transformers and microchips within the device that keep themselves primed for action. While the draw is often minimal (think a few watts), consider the collective slumber party of all your plugged-in gadgets. Laptops, especially the beefier ones, can be real hogs, lurking at 10 watts or more. Multiply that by a few devices, and you're looking at a not-so-insignificant drain on your electricity bill.

But fear not, energy warriors! This silent power heist doesn't have to continue. The antidote is simple: unplug! When you're done using a device, give its charger the boot from the outlet. It's like turning off the faucet at the source. You'll be surprised at how quickly the warm brick chills out, a testament to its severed power cord.

Here are some bonus tips for unplugging like a pro with Always Affordable Electric:

  • Power Strips with On/Off Switches: Invest in power strips with individual switches from Always Affordable Electric. This lets you power down entire groups of devices with a single flick.

  • Smart Plugs: Take it a step further with smart plugs that you can control from your phone. Always Affordable Electric can help you find the perfect ones and even install them for you! Schedule them to turn off automatically, ensuring no phantom drain even when you're out.

  • Unplug the Nest: Get into the habit of unplugging chargers that aren't actively charging. Laptops, tablets, even wireless chargers – treat them all as temporary residents on your wall outlet.

Remember, every unplugged device is a victory in the war against phantom drain. So go forth, unplug the silent sippers, and reclaim your power (and your wallet)!

Spread the word, comrades! Share this blog and let's unplug the world, one charger at a time. Together, we can make a dent in energy waste and keep our devices fueled for when we truly need them. After all, a charged device is a happy device, but a phantom-powered one is just a freeloader in the electricity game.

Let's keep the power in our hands, not in the walls! And if you need any help unplugging those silent sippers, remember, Always Affordable Electric is always here to assist!


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